Windows defender is a free antivirus program for your computer developed by Microsoft. It provides protection against threats in your computer. Windows 10 virus protection is provided by combining machine learning with other components such as big data analysis, provides protection against cyber threats works on Microsoft cloud technology to provide protection to your devices. How good is Windows defender depends solely on the features it offers. 

  • It provides protection against harmful applications and websites by blocking the non-secure applications in which malware cannot be detected without the support of an antivirus. 
  • The Microsoft cloud technology used in Windows 10 defender assists you to protect your devices from any kind of unknown or emerging threats. 
  • The Windows 10 defender, constantly updates itself to protect your devices against severe threats. 
  • Windows 10 defender is a free antivirus solution, this aims to provide you basic cyber security protection against threats and viruses. 
  • Researchers talk about Windows default antivirus is good According to them it replicates the features of any paid antivirus software and provides protection free of cost.

Why is Windows 10 defender the best choice? 

According to leading IT experts and researchers, Windows 10 defender is the best choice for a free antivirus program for your computer. Since it comes built in into your computer. Before you open any application it assists you to scan the application to detect the prevailing threat. The best feature about the program is it does affect the overall performance of your computer like other antivirus programs being used. If your pc is safe you can do many things like e-learning, streaming, internet surfing without any stress.

 Windows 10 virus protection is most preferred antivirus software since it is inbuilt so the user does not face any system compatibility issues like other software.

How Good is Windows Defender for your pc? 

How good is the Windows defender can be understood based on the following advantages?

  • Windows defender is a free antivirus program for your computer. 
  • It has the ability to detect malwares at the time of opening the apps before they are used. 
  • It assists you to provide 100% Windows 10 virus protection 
  • It does not face any compatibility issues with the computer. 
  • Does not affect the performance of your computer. 

Windows 10 defender Versus MCAfee:

Windows 10 defender is a free antivirus program for your computer. This program is an inbuilt program you don’t need to purchase the this from the website or a retail store like the other antivirus programs.

  • Windows 10 defender antivirus protection is provided against viruses, malware and spywares. 
  • Defender automatically installs itself if no other antivirus is being used in the system. 
  • Windows 10 antivirus scans the system and eliminates the malware on its own. 
  • It is the best solution because there is no cost involved, and provides you protection from a variety of cyber threats.

Windows 10 defender antivirus protects against only the real time malicious threats where a MCafee protects against all kinds of threats such as anti-spam, anti-phishing, it also has features like password manager, webcam protection, it also protects your VPN you can reach out to a customer support executive if an issue is faced.

how good is windows defender

Windows Antivirus offers customer support in case the user faces an issue. It may also interest you to know that Microsoft defender supports antivirus solutions for a single computer only. Other than that it takes care of issues such as the internet not functioning, prevents you from downloading harmful links and files. MCafee on the other hand is a better choice if you have multiple users in your firm or house.

  • MCafee offers VPN protection in all packages. 
  • MCafee is compatible with Windows, MAC, Android etc. 
  • MCafee removes traces of erased files. 


Windows Defender is Good or bad that a question raised by many researchers. it is a recommended software since it is preinstalled and provides cyber security solutions to the users free of cost. It provides Windows 10 virus protection to your computer which is hassle free. It is considered one of the best antivirus solutions which is the best choice under free antivirus for your computer. 

Windows 10 virus protection has a drawback: it does not support multiple users like MCafee or other paid antivirus solutions.