The name itself suggests the meaning of the concept called E-learning. Learning the same syllabus, but through a more efficient and helpful medium. E-learning aims towards teaching an entire course or a specific degree using Electronic technologies. Let us dive in more deep to understand what actually E-learning is and how does it work;

What is E-learning?

Communication between a guide and a student through the electronic medium is simply a definition of E-learning. It is simple and more efficient because it takes place with the help of easily available electronic facilities these days. Moreover, a student can access to the classroom by sitting at any place and time. It is usually applied for online programs, online degrees or courses. In today’s fastest running world, e learning is a magic that affects both an institute and the student in a positive manner. 


Apart from only teaching organizations, it helps in guiding various employees working as a part of an organization. Employers can easily convey what exact skill and knowledge is required to the employees in a very efficient, and affordable way called E-learning. If you are using laptop and desktop for learning firstly you have to check that your pc is safe from malwares. are you a using any antivirus for security. If you are not using then you can also know how good is windows defender for your winodws pc & desktop.

What is Online learning and its benefits?

Online learning is usually known as e-learning. There are plentiful and various online learning courses available. Interested candidates can easily enroll in their desired courses and learn effortlessly online.


Let us find out some of the E-learning benefits below:

  1. Very first and the foremost advantage of using an E-learning platform is, it is not place or time bound. One can easily sit at any place and at any time to attend the online learning programs. The internet connection and an electronic device is what all needed.
  2. In order to make an individual more active and independent, E-learning plays an important role. Adapting a new technology and grasping it effectively, is an important thing web learning teaches us. 
  3. E-learning is a more efficient and affordable way of learning, when the course platform is online. It ensures the more prominent way to approach a learner. 
  4. Online learning gives an advantage of being anywhere in the world and attending online classes. Its structure makes it more convenient and portable and flexible to be utilized from anywhere in the world. 
  5. There is a certain group of people already working with some organization, but still wish to study and get some more certifications to add in more colors to their resume. For them, online learning is the best e-learning platform to accomplish their goals while working. 
  6. Online learning offers the self studying concept. While learning online, one can easily watch or go through the videos offered by that particular course in order to clear out the doubts and understand the concept more effectively. It makes learning simple and flexible at the same time. 
  7. One can easily go through the same lectures on weekends as well, if that candidate does not get enough time to watch those videos during weekdays. 
  8. Mostly E-learning platforms provide the facility of chatting to a respective guide or there are certain discussion boards which help a candidate to clarify their doubt of any. Candidates can easily take the help of an expert by using these platforms.
  9. E-learning efficiently saves time and money. The study material provided by the online programs can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Also, one can use that material as many times as required. It helps in saving your time of physically attending the class and your transportation time and money as well. 
  10. E-learning accommodates all classes of students. In the sense that it can be attended by a student, a housewife, an employee or old age people etc. It gives a chance to one and all to learn whenever they want and wherever they want without any age barrier or profession barrier. 
  11. E- Learning platform comparatively consumes less time when compared with the traditional teaching style. It can deliver lectures faster by using e-learning tools as compared to typical teaching methods. 
  12. A learner can decide his or her speed of learning rather than just trying to run with the group. It helps in learning each and every concept more efficiently and fitting it into your brain forever. As one is learning with his own speed it makes the understanding of concepts easier. 

Tools for online learning:

There are numerous E-learning tools available on the internet. And the number is bigger; it is a tough and confusing decision to choose one of the correct among them. There are certain criteria one can tick a mark while choosing a perfect E-learning tools.

  • First and very important is the budget 
  • How much technically literate you are.
  • What kind of experience of learning is needed at a basic level or the expert one, depends on your experience.
  • Certain kinds of content to be produced, etc.

Let us go through the list of various E-learning tools available at present;

  1. Adobe Captivate:
Adobe Captivate
  • One of the most promising E-learning tools which are desktop based and supports Mac and Windows. The tool supports SCORM, HTML5, and AICC.
  • This platform is used to produce expert level interactions whenever required. Usually interactivity can be viewed by the common mobile activities such as zoom or swipe. 
  • It helps in creating an effective virtual reality experience. 
  • Simulations and screen recordings can be effectively carried by utilizing Adobe captivate.
  1. Elucidat:
  • This E-learning tool is fully a cloud based version which makes it faster and smarter. This tool is effective in a way that it efficiently reduces cot and helps in increasing the business performance. 
  • Elucidat supports Video, SCORM, HTML5, Windows and Mac OS.
  • With this, it is easy to utilize WYSIWYG interface. It provides more flexibility to make your own page faster and in an easy manner.
  • Elucidat provides a number of interactions which includes features, badges and features. 
  • You can find this tool a little expensive but one can surely invest some more in order to get the best results and an amazing virtual learning experience.
  1. Gomo:
Gomo Learning
  • This tool helps in creating a web-style content. One can easily work online and offline with the help of Gomo. It is a cloud-based product just like Elucidat.
  • It supports xAPI (TinCan), Mac OS, Windows, HTML5, and SCORM.
  • Desktop tools are less flexible as compared to Gomo. 
  • This tool provides a facility of learning in various languages. 
  1. Adapt:
  • This tool helps in creating HTML5 content. It supports HTML5, Mac OS, HTML5, and SCORM.
  • Adapt has a simple authoring interface. 
  • The best thing about this E-learning tool is that it is Free. 

E-Learning Platforms:

  1. Google Classroom: This Online learning platform is free to be used and provides a cost friendly environment for the advanced version. This platform provides an efficient way of connecting teachers with students.
  2. WizIQ: This platform is efficient when one needs to connect with the huge crowd. This has the best customization features.
  3. Articulate 360: This e-learning platform provides its each and every course on a mobile platform as well. 
  4. Docebo: This platform provides a fully customization facility. Students can easily interact as it is easy to use. 

E-Learning courses:

Today’s Mostly all types of courses are available on e-learning platforms and websites. Now users can complete their MBA on an online platform. There are lots of courses available on e-learning websites like web designing, Marketing, Web development, teaching, etc.

E-learning websites:

  1. LinkedIn Learning
  2. Udemy
  3. Alison
  4. Futurelearn
  5. Lynda
  6. Codecademy

Before wrapping up this discussion, the moral is, it is always better to learn and adapt newer technologies and groom you to stick in the competition.