The best alien movies have always fascinated the world of cinema: from horror to science fiction through comedy; extraterrestrials are the protagonists of numerous films. Here are 5 to rediscover and love.

Are we alone in the Universe? How many of us have asked ourselves this question at least once in our life? Everyone, of course. There is no human being who is not interested in life on other planets, who is not interested in the cosmic “mystery”. To demonstrate, just think of the numerous myths born after the Second World War: Roswell, kidnappings, close encounters of the third type, agreements with the great countries of the Earth, UFO sightings and so on. In short, the aliens have deeply monopolized the collective imagination of the twentieth century.

Top 10 Best Alien Movies List – Add to Your Watch List

The world of the seventh art could not remain far from this cauldron of fantasy, fear and curiosity. Cinema has always dedicated numerous products to extraterrestrial mythology, ranging from one genre to another best alien movies on Netflix. The grey men (or reptilian, Nordic, etc.) have found space in horror films, dramas, comedies, expressing their potential above all, obviously, in the science fiction world.

In this article, however, we would like to give space to every single approach of cinema towards aliens. Therefore, you will find very different titles from each other but united by an important aspect: the quality of the work. Given the massive amount of alien movies, of course, there will be some excellent absences, so forgive us in advance!

Close encounters of the third kind (1977) || One of the Best Alien Movie

IMDB Rating: 7.6/10          Rotten Tomatoes 94%

best alien movies

This title is dedicated to newbies. If you feel like starting a journey through extraterrestrial movies, then you have to start with Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind best alien invasion movies. The film has a virtue that is difficult to ignore, namely that of representing in a profoundly natural form the state of mind of “normal” people in the face of the revelation of the “extraordinary”. The emotional and psychological torment that some characters in the opera face make Close Encounters of the Third Kind a film with an intimate flavour and, at the same time, with a universal soul. A timeless masterpiece that mixes psychological drama and science fiction.

District 9 (2009) || Must Watched Best invasion Alien Movie

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10          Rotten Tomatoes 90%

District 9

District 9 is a 2009 film directed by Neill Blomkamp that puts us face to face with the fear of the difference. Racial segregation and xenophobia are put under a large magnifying glass, managing to talk about society and politics lucidly and initially. The plot tells us about the arrival of a massive alien spaceship in the skies of South Africa’s best alien movies.

The government, unnerved by the silence of the extraterrestrials, sends an exploration team. The latter is faced with a group of disoriented aliens in serious trouble. The solution is not the best: to bring visitors to the planet to study them while keeping them segregated in particular districts. A too original film, District 9 reverses the roles and places the aliens in a subordinate position and becomes the mirror of all the repressions and persecutions of history. A must-see as it is one of a kind. Difficult to find something like this.

Arrival (2016) || One of the Best Sci-Fi Alien Movie Ever

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10          Rotten Tomatoes 94%


Arrival by Denis Villeneuve is such a masterpiece. The idea of placing the main point of view on the “shoulders” of a linguist (Amy Adams) is an extremely happy intuition. Ted Chiang, a writer of the short story on which the film is based (Stories of your life), gives Villeneuve a particular subject that asks questions about aliens not always explored on the big screen.

The language, the communication between different beings is the basis of the film’s philosophy, managing to worthily delve into a complicated subject that not even in Close encounters of the third type (notes and colours) find such a satisfying fulfilment. Arrival, on the other hand, not only dissects this aspect but solves it with a shocking twist firmly anchored to the laws of physics. Let’s not add anything else, recover it.

Mars Attacks (1996) || Best Comedy Alien Movie 

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10          Rotten Tomatoes 54%

Mars Attacks

A shining example of “extraterrestrial” comedy, Mars Attacks made generations laugh. An atypical film in all its aspects: outside the classic Tim Burton target, stellar cast, a very personal black humour and a dualistic welcome best alien movies. Mars Attacks was a moderate success at home and more flattering abroad, but the rift it created did not stop it from becoming a real cult over time. Evil aliens, surreal characters and bright colours help to give the film a well-defined personality.

The day the earth stood still (1951) || A Best Classic Alien Movie

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10          Rotten Tomatoes 95%

The day the earth stood still

A timeless classic that confronts humanity with itself and its horrors and fears. Ultimatum to Earth is a 1951 film by Robert Wise starring an iconic Michael Rennie best alien movie. The plot is simple and extremely current: alien land in Washington to warn the earthlings of danger.

You Have to Add These Best Alien Movies in your Watch List:

  1. LIfe (2017) || Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Best Combo Alien Movie Ever

          IMDB Rating: 6.6/10          Rotten Tomatoes 67%

  1. The Thing (1981) || Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

          IMDB Rating: 8.1/10          Rotten Tomatoes 84%

  1. Independence Day (1996) || Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

          IMDB Rating: 7.0/10          Rotten Tomatoes 66%

  1. Men in Black (1997) || This is One of the Best Alien Movies Franchise

           IMDB Rating: 7.3/10          Rotten Tomatoes 92%

  1. Battleship (2005) || Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

           IMDB Rating: 5.8/10          Rotten Tomatoes 34%