E-learning: A modern approach to the traditional way of teaching


The name itself suggests the meaning of the concept called E-learning. Learning the same syllabus, but through a more efficient and helpful medium. E-learning aims towards teaching an entire course or a specific degree using Electronic technologies. Let us dive in more deep to understand what actually E-learning is and how does it work; What … Read more

How Good Is Windows Defender?

How Good is Windows Defender

Windows defender is a free antivirus program for your computer developed by Microsoft. It provides protection against threats in your computer. Windows 10 virus protection is provided by combining machine learning with other components such as big data analysis, provides protection against cyber threats works on Microsoft cloud technology to provide protection to your devices. … Read more

High Rich Fiber Food List For Your Daily Diet

High Rich Fiber Foods

What is fiber? Fiber foods into your daily routine diet help you to lose wieght and many other things. Fiber is a naturally occurring nutrient found in fruits and vegetables such as: brown rice, flax seeds, oat bran, nuts like almond and walnut, and legumes like black beans. Dietary fiber is the part of plant-based … Read more

Top 10 greatest & Best Alien Movies You Have to Add your Watchlist

Best Alien Movies

The best alien movies have always fascinated the world of cinema: from horror to science fiction through comedy; extraterrestrials are the protagonists of numerous films. Here are 5 to rediscover and love. Are we alone in the Universe? How many of us have asked ourselves this question at least once in our life? Everyone, of … Read more