Showbox was one of the famous applications that are used to stream TV shows and movies on all the devices. It was designed so perfectly with a slick UI and flawless platform. But due to the pressure of television producers, and movie studio Showbox is banned in most of the countries. Showbox even tried to come back and rebrand but it becomes very difficult in most countries. Here we talk about some Apps like showbox that give you free streaming Movies & Web Series without any stress.

Some of the users even face problems due to the malware and viruses that damaged their devices. If Showbox is banned in your country what should you do? Then you need to know that Showbox is not only a free streaming service available. There are so many Showbox alternatives and work exactly like it which can work in all the types of devices like Android, iOS, etc.

Best Apps Like Showbox That Work Right Now

Some Showbox alternatives will help you to get the same experience as Showbox.

  1. Movie Box: 

The movie box is one of the Showbox alternatives but an Ios version. This is even available in Mac, Windows, and Android. This is an app like Showbox with the same feels and looks and comes with the same layout. If you were the users of Showbox and feel comfortable using it then you will not face any problem in using this and transitions to movies.

apps like Showbox

you will get this application through the APK method that runs very smoothly. from this, you can get the show or the movie that you wanna watch or stream. The search function of this application is very decent and you can easily find the content you want. One of the easiest options especially for the ios users who previously used Showbox is this. This application can be used easily by Showbox users. This is basically used for streaming. This happens because of the similarity between MovieBox and Showbox. 

Doenload Movie Box App

  1. MegaBox HD:

This is a free streaming application where you can get all the HD quality movies and TV shows. This mainly streaming in ios, and Android devices, you will not get the content of low quality. When you are planning to stream a movie sometime you will even get an option to choose the quality of the content you want.

apps like showbox

This feature mainly helps those users who have slower internet connections. The device look-alike the Showbox and it has no glaring issues. So you can add this app in the list of apps like showbox because of the lots of similarities. Here you will get a huge collection of TV shows and movies so you don’t need to have any other application. As long as you connect up with the task the streaming is very seamless and smooth.

Download Megabox HD App

  1. PlayBox HD:

Playbox is the same apps like showbox with same features. You can use this application on different devices like Android, PC, ios for this you need a Bluestacks emulator. Here you will get most of the content of high quality most HD content. You can even lower down the quality of the content which you can stream and see in your device. The stream is mostly buffer-free and fast so you don’t have to waste your time watching a movie.

Download Playbox HD app

  1. Crackle: 
Showbox Alternatives

This is even one of the movie and TV streaming device services which comes with some of the standout features. The application even provides high-quality TV shows and movies which you can watch. This application even helps the users to create their own playlist. In this way, you can enjoy binge-watching the TV shows and can even track the services until you have seen them. Crackle is owned by the reputed company Sony so you don’t need VPN or anything when you are planning to use this application.

Download Crakle App

5. Popcorn time: 

Popcorn Time

When it comes to streaming the popcorn time is considered as the king. The application is available for Mac, Android, Linux, and even Windows. The design is very smart and even simple with UI uncluttered. You can even stream to Chromecast as the search function is very easy, fast, and quick. This even makes it very easy to use on different platforms and devices.

Download Popcorn Time App

  1. Stremio: 
Showbox Alternatives

This device is a little bit different from the other devices on the list but it is also an Showbox alternatives. With the help of this application not only you can stream from torrent but you can even see content from iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, and other entertainment sources. With the help of a neat UI all the movies, and TV shows on the different platforms can be shown as it collects all in just one application. This application can connect with any device like Android, ios, mac, windows, and Linux.

Download Stremio App

How to Use Showbox Alternatives Safely?

Now you have got so many apps like Showbox which will help you to stream movies and TV shows. But one thing we will like to warn you is that whatever you do or stream is open informed of the government and ISP. You may face legal problems if you get this free content.

Free Streaming App

But don’t get worried as we have the best way to hide your activities from the Government. You only need a trustable VPN. A good VPN will bypass all the trouble that you may have.  Below are some of the steps that you need to follow to keep yourself away from any type of trouble and you can see content for free.

Step 1: You need to install or buy a trustable VPN. Then you need to download it.

Step 2: click on the power button to activate the VPN server.

This all you need to do then VPN will do its work and you will not face any problem. Just keep one thing in mind that the VPN you choose should be trustable.

Why do You need To Use A VPN When Streaming On Showbox Alternatives?

There are several reasons for which you need a VPN when you are streaming on the above apps like Showbox or other streaming apps. Some of the applications are banned in some or other countries due to copyright laws. VPN helps in manipulating the IP address so that you don’t face any trouble. You will get the privacy to share the media file and help in protecting people’s data and privacy online.  


There are so many Showbox alternatives present only from which you need to select the best. In this way, you can stream all the movies or the TV show that you want to watch. It’s very important to use a trustworthy VPN when you are torrent so that it can help you hide the personal data and save you from any kind of trouble. If you want see any movies & web series like thriller, action and some best alien movies you can see free of cost. Not only that, the best VPN will even save your device from any type of malware, and virus. Always try to use Premium VPN some VPNs are available but you never know which one is trustable and which one is not.

 Legal Disclaimer: doesn’t verify the legality and security of any application or the service mentioned on this page. We don’t support piracy and even discourage our readers to avoid this at any cost. To maintain the copyright-free content we may have mentioned free streaming which is already available in the public domain.