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Ketomac - best shampoo for colored hair

Due to dandruff, people experience scalp irritation and they constantly scratch their hair. So, their hair begins falling. Many people apply oils to the hair to get rid of dandruff. But, these oils cannot drain away the dirty particles or dandruff from their hair. So, they should apply certain shampoos that can fight dandruff. Some shampoos are meant for removing excessive oily substances from the hair, whereas some shampoos are designed to improve texture of the hair. So, some shampoos are meant for removing dandruff from the hair also.

About Ketomac shampoo

Ketomac is a popular anti-dandruff shampoo that is used for removing excessive dandruff particles from the hair. Some people use this shampoo if they are suffering from excessive dandruff problem. If the oil glands are overly active, then the scalp becomes easily prone to dandruff. Then later on the person develops problems such as fungi, yeast etc. When the person develops fungal infection, then the scalp begins to irritate. Then, they should use the best shampoo for hair.

One of the best dandruff shampoos for colored hair is the Ketomac shampoo. A person can transform his or her personality by changing the color of the hair. So, many people change the color of the hair by applying different types of color dyes. But, they experience different problems after applying color to the hair. The hair becomes too dry and the scalp becomes flaky. If a person constantly applies hair color, then dandruff gets accumulated in the hair due to excessive amount of cell scalp cells. So, they experience symptoms such as flaking, redness and itching. Usually, people should not use a dandruff shampoo after using colors. But, ketomac shampoo consists of special ingredients that avoid flaking, itching, and scaling. So, people who apply hair color usually apply Ketomac shampoo because they do not experience irritation or scaling after applying it.

How to use the shampoo?

When this shampoo is applied to the hair, it should be gently massaged to the scalp and hence the scales get loosened. Later on, the person can rinse it with water.

Advantages of Ketomac shampoo

Usually, this dandruff shampoo for colored hair can cause harsh reaction to the hair. So, this shampoo can be applied to the hair and immediately rinsed with water. This shampoo is suitable to the hair because it has a powerful compound named ketoconazole and it is a synthetic antifungal agent and hence it can remove dandruff from the hair safely without causing any irritation.

But this shampoo is concentrated and should be applied little to the hair. If this shampoo is applied excessively to the hair, then the roots of the hair become loose and hair begin to fall. This shampoo should be applied to the wet hair about should never be applied to the dried scalp, because the scalp begins irritating and a person feels itchy. The roots of the hair also become loose. This shampoo kills the yeasts and the fungi in the hair by weakening their cell membranes. Then, the dandruff particles are drained away from their hair.  

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