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The services provided by Aquaguard technicians

Almost everybody today, uses purifier because they can drink clean water. All the germs and contaminants in the water are not killed by merely boiling the water. Due to pollution problem, the water that is processed through the pipelines is so filthy that is contains many solid suspending particles that cannot be removed easily. The water also consists of acids and other harmful chemicals. So, the water can get purifier if a special device is used. So, many people install purifiers in their homes.

This purifier contains many chambers to filter and remove contaminants such as sediments, clay, harsh chemicals, carbon, and many types of germs. So, the centrifuge first separates the oily substances from the water. So, the water still contains many contaminants such as acid, sandy particles, clay, loam, and other germs. Then these contaminants are filtered in the membrane. By the process of jet steaming, all the other germs and acids are removed. The purifier releases water that is pure and free from any type of contaminants. But, this device should be regularly maintained.

The owners should always maintain the aquaguard tollfree number India, so that they can contact the service providers whenever they need. The services providers always provide services at the doorsteps even during emergency. They are engaged in providing installation, repairs and maintenance services to the customers.

Whenever any person wants to install a purifier at home, then they can contact the service customer. The safely install the RO system using different instruments. Their team of technicians safely installs the purifier at home. Sometimes, when the components of the purifier get worn-out or they become obsolete, then they provide repair services. They repair some of the parts that are not functioning properly. If the components are damaged, then they provide replacement services. The Reverse Osmosis system sometimes becomes damaged and hence the water is not properly filtered. If the centrifuge of the purifier is damaged, then the oily substances cannot get purified easily. Then this component should be replaced or if the problem is minor, then it can be repaired. Sometimes, it gets dirty and hence cannot effectively filter the oily substances. So, it should be cleaned using various chemicals. The housing parts can become weak or sometimes the general parts such as taps, inlets, and outlets can get damaged. So, the technicians carefully examine the problem and reach the doorstep as soon as possible. The technicians can diagnose the problems quickly and they can repair the damaged components quickly. They use different special equipments to repair the components such as adhesives, tapes, hand tools, leveling tools, electrical and lighting, abrasives, fans, heaters, humifiers, power tools etc.

Sometimes, even the electrical fittings sometimes get outdated and they cause circuit and hence they replace the electrical fittings. The technicians can perform the work of electrical fittings just within a day. Sometimes, inlet pipe or outlet pipe becomes clogged and the water cannot flow efficiently. So, these pipes should be replaced. Due to constant usage, the filters also become greasy and dirty and hence they cannot accommodate more dirty particles. So, after a period of time, these components should be replaced. So, the technicians can diagnose the problems. If the parts are greasy or excessively dirty, then they clean them using various chemicals or if the parts are too dirty or always clog the dirty particles, then they are replaced. Sometimes, these filters usually lose their texture due to constant usage and hence cannot accommodate dirty particles again. So, they sometimes replace the other large components such as cartridge also.

Some of the problems cannot be fixed by the owner, so they should contact the technician who is ready to provide services at the doorstep. Usually, one year from the date of installation, they provide free services. All the components or parts that are damaged are repaired. The owner can also choose different schemes to avail annual maintenance services. They can choose basic plans, advanced plans and premium plans. Under basic plans, they may repair some of the components that usually get damaged quickly. Under premium plan, they repair all the components and also inspect the device periodically. If the owner of the device chooses annual maintenance services, then they need not pay any charges after availing services. They should choose a scheme while buying a purifier. So, under different schemes, they can choose different types of services.

The RO technicians are available at the doorstep to resolve different problems such as bad taste of water, improper functioning, filter damage, etc. When the filter in the purifier is damaged, then the carbon content is not properly trapped and hence the water produces bad taste and odor. So, the filter is usually replaced and a new component is placed.

Even the best model sometimes can become damaged due to different reasons. Sometimes, the power supply cable or the PCB can function in an improper way and hence the purifier does not function properly. So, the technicians arrive and replace different components such as capacitors, transformers, or even install better LED lights. The fresh water from the tank does not flow efficiently if one of the filters is chocked. This problem can be solved at home by draining waste water from the pipes or if the problem still persists, then the owner should call the technician home. The technician resolves the problem as quickly as possible. The complete tank should be drained at least once or else the filters become clogged. But, if the problem becomes severe, the technicians always arrive at the doorstep.

Sometimes, due to pressure in the filters, some type of vibrations occurs and hence water does not flow smoothly. So, the repairs technicians carefully examine the filter, then usually clean the parts by using certain chemicals and if they are extremely dirty, then they replace these components.
If the purifier is causing problems such as leakages then they apply sealants or adhesive or tapes that can strong adhere. The technician can resolve every problem of the purifier and hence the user should always contact aqua to customer care number.

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