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How to make your videos standout?

Being a travel vlogger, make-up artist, yoga expert, food blogger etc., on youtube does not means that you are the only one doing it. Among this all group, you need to make your youtube channel stand out out the rest. Fortunately, with just a little bit of effort and creativity, you can really make your videos and your channel unique and engaging for viewers. Here are few tips for the same:

  • Get your youtube channel a uniqueness
A unique channel is ought to attract more viewers and subscribers as nobody loves same boring stuff to be watched again and again. Add unique stuff like a unique channel name or introduction song to make it stand out. Also these days to attract viewers and subscribers features such as youtube video to mp3 are very helpful

  • Get memorable content for viewers
Make videos that leave a remarkable and memorable mark on viewers. This goes right along with finding a unique voice and personality for your YouTube channel. Just twist and turn some of your content to make it more memorable.

·         Use great youtube video titles

When you upload your YouTube vlogs, give them really great, catchy titles that just gather a lot of attention of viewers. When you use great catchy titles you just bring a lot of eyes to your channel.

·         Youtube thumbnails images are important

Along with a great title, graphics and visuals play a massive role in enhancing a channel. When viewers see an amazing and attractive image with your title, they are more likely to be more interested in watching your content. Also use keywords in your title as it will be east for search engines to show up your video to viewers. If keywords are not there your video’s ranks goes down on search engine and you want to do this because viewers are more likely to select your video from the top ranks of their searches.

·         Keeping an eye on audio quality

The most important part of any video is audio in it. If there are noise distractions in your video or whatever you are saying is not audible enough and not clear enough your video is tend to get affected. Some things that we need to keep in mind while recording any videos are:

  • Eliminating any  background noise that may hinder the main audio of the video
  • Focusing on the talent’s voice or more precisely focusing on the main anchor’s voice.
  •  Creative usage of natural sound verses folly

We tend to ignore these important points as we are more concerned about the outer view of our video. We need to understand that adding these ‘sweeteners’ in is a great indication of attention to detail.
Attach links such as youtube to online free can let your video be converted to mp3 audio. This can only be achieved if the audio quality is apt to the requirement.

These few tips will let your video stand out of the crowd.

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