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Are the older generation iPhone 6 still, unlockable?

The simple answer is yes; any smartphone that is under a contract can be unlocked quite easily. It does not matter how old the contract is as long as the company still provides the phone with security and software updates, it can be unlocked. The reason why the latter part is so important is because of the fact that as long as updates are being provided, it means that the phone is still on the list of phones supported by the manufacturer. This also means you can now get unlock codes for your smartphone and proceed to get unlock codes for iPhone 6 and get it unlocked through a service. But, before we learn more about the unlock procedure; we must first know why smartphones are sold locked in the first place.

iPhone 6

Locking of smartphones and contracts

The biggest reason why phones are locked and why they even sell in such massive quantities is due to the fact that the carriers can sell the phones on a monthly payment system and bundle in a cellular plan. In developed countries and places where there is a wide availability of network, purchasing phones on a contract is very common. One simply does not want to pay the premium of 700 plus dollars for the latest and greatest smartphone in the market.

Here the carriers and network providers simply find an exploitable market, where the customers can get the best phones on the market for a very small price and they can even start using the phone immediately. They often put in a plan which they are actively trying to promote and it will include a majority of features which you will barely use. This entire thing means you will be tied to a contract while using that smartphone and whatever issues you might face with the network and the cellular plan, there is little you can do. The carriers also do not unlock your phone even if the payment period is complete and simply you are stuck with a phone running on the same network.   

How to go about unlocking an iPhone 6?

The most contracted phones are Apple’s iPhones, which pack some of the best features on the market and also sadly come with a very premium price tag. These phones tend to last a long time as customer support and software updates are very consistent. Unlocking an iPhone 6 is still very much possible, all you need is the IMEI code. This code is unique for every single device on earth and you can simply use a service to get your phone unlocked. The service will have access to the Apple’s list of devices still running and they can simply make a status change for your device from locked to unlocked. The simplicity of unlock is also due to the fact that the manufacturer does not intend the phone to be used on a single network.

Now you can go about using the phone on almost any network in the world and gone will be your days of frustration that came with using a very bad network and an even worse cell plan.

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