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Things May Happen After the Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is also known as weight loss surgery. In this surgery fat from the abdominal part of the patient is surgically removed. Obesity has now become a major problem for many people out there. Appearance is very important among people nowadays. That is why maintaining a good figure is necessary. But not everyone can do exercise every day and maintain a proper diet. The reckless lifestyle and bad food habit are the two major reasons for obesity. Majority of the obese people do not sleep on time, does not eat food on time and obviously have so less physical work. These things increase the body weight and with obesity there comes a lot of other diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, heart problem etc.

Bariatric surgery can change your life forever. It can make or break your future. Somethings are there that you should know before you take the final decision.

Depression: Life after surgery is not same as earlier. Obesity may cause depression in some people and after the surgery, they feel very happy and the depression goes away. But in some cases, this thing gets worse. They may feel some problem in interacting socially, the self-esteem may decrease. In these cases, you must let your doctor know about this and consult them about the treatments.

Excess Amount of Skin: After the surgery, your body and skin will adjust gradually but there are a lot of people who experience an excess amount of skin in those areas which are not desirable at all. The insurance companies bear the BariatricSurgery Cost in india up to some extent. The excess amount of skin must be fixed by doing a cosmetic surgery which the insurance companies will not cover. The insurance companies only provide money for medical emergencies. The cosmetic surgeries are generally not an emergency but a luxury.

Alcohol Abuse: Alcohol is never good for health. There are various post-surgical precautions in the food habits, dos and don’ts. One of that is not taking alcohol. After a surgery, your body will not be like before and cannot take stress as earlier. Therefore, taking alcohol as earlier will make things worse for you and it may increase the risk for other diseases.

Regular Exercise: Exercising is not just for being slim. It’s about being healthy. Doing a surgery will not cut out all the fats you have. You need to work out every day to stay in the desired shape and to maintain the post-surgical health. Physical activity is very important for being healthy and slim and after a surgery, it’s become more important to do all these stuff. Otherwise, you will face many other problems.

A drastic change in the physique brings a change in mental health also. The patient may get depressed and break down emotionally or they can be happier and confident than before. It totally depends on the person and the outcome of the surgery. You need to know about yourself before going through this. Bariatric surgery is not an easy thing to go through. 

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